Your Thoughts: An Exploration Into Self Discovery

It is my belief that our thoughts are our constant companions. While many are random not belonging to us. Most have the power to impact our lives far more than any relationship. They open us up to or can close us off from relationships. They allows us experiences.

Learning to break free from negative, binding thoughts is the key to human growth and existential freedom. A particular thought, embedded as part of a larger belief, can either imprison or liberate us. Our thoughts very much tend to be self-fulfilling prophecies.

How do you see yourself? doghint What do you say about yourself or others that no ones knows? Thoughts are our ideal best friends. Exploring through thoughts is how we make all decisions. It is these private conversational thoughts that script your life. Self-criticizing thoughts ruin our existence. Imagine for a moment a judgmental voice perched on your ear assaulting you all day long. That would ruin your day. You would feel disturbed by it. You cannot function at your optimum capacity. Now, imagine it for a lifetime.

A healthy habit of thinking is the essence of my therapeutic treatment. Not everyone is aware of these thoughts but our intuition lets us know something is not right. Something,… life is not fulfilling. We are not conditioned to explore our thoughts in debt. Many of us absorb thoughts consciously or unconsciously through outside sources. Unfortunately, We we wait until a mental earthquake occurs. We take care of our heart, muscles and physical aches. Our thoughts residing in the brain can be in pain for years and go untreated. Untreated toxic thoughts affect functioning. Developing a healthy relationship with your thinking should be a primary undertaking in life and yet it is tragically ignored. Unhappiness, while normal and appropriate at times, is an misalignment in thought patterns. In fact, when I think of mental illness in general it is not a chemical imbalance in the brain but rather a result of every little thing we experience, think, feel, see, hear, wish, hope for, etc. and unresolved historical traumas. However as our delicate and prone to error brains, its natural complexities that are then soaked in chaos, rigidity, and unique life experiences, its bound altering chemical expressions impact.


Psychotherapy changes individuals. People come into therapy with me in crisis. Changing your thoughts does in fact alter the script of your life, but learning how to do so requires learning a new skill set. My foundation is the existential approach. When stripe from all the titles, who are you. Most importantly, in your unique limitless who do you want to become. It is a rebirthing! You are now an individual living within the systems of life with authenticity to self.

We all have random thoughts that do not belong to us. And we discard them immediately.

The thoughts of our identity are primarily informed by our experiences and our beliefs. Thought, therefore, represents our beliefs and life experiences. For many, our thoughts stifles personal growth. We are not able to live in or embrace the present, the future.

The moment we attach to a thought, it automatically summons our personal history of accompanying emotions, and we become embedded in this conditioned reflex from the past. In order to get out of this cycle we must willing to be adventurous and self-daring.

We often fool ourselves with games that we are happy and comfortable, except that it’s not particularly comfortable, simply familiar. Comfortable and Familiar are to different places. Listen to the physical you in determining where you are. If you find it impossible to determine I can help with that. Personal transformation, requires identifying and breaking down of barriers. Familiar is often an unsuspecting barrier.

I am not saying this is easy, our thoughts literally defends its territory, as it proclaims that it’s too dangerous to venture outside of who we are or dare go against how we are perceived by others. We create excuses or justifications to either procrastinate or utterly avoid the discomfort of new thinking and new behavior. I pose to you, why? There is nothing negative about feeling discomfort. Its merely a physical signal, as all of our intuitive feelings, that require further investigation into their validity. They are like our physical body, always working to keep us safe and alive. Always with good intention, but sometimes assistance is needed, an intervention against environmental adjustments, the balancing of over or underproduction and the attack on realities.

Intuitive Thoughts

Unwanted self-imposed boundaries can be discarded though exploring our relationship with your intuitive allies. There always exist some anxiety with change. Being uncomfortable activates physiological excitement, Fight, Flight, and another option I call the Flirt Response. Do what makes you feel good, think what makes you feel good. Keep that which is lasting. You’re flirting with life. You must determine the course for your existence. If you’re unsatisfiable comfortable, you’re adopted thoughts that are not your own, any longer, which is not bad. I’m simple stating that comfortable can also to viewed as problematic to living. I have serviced many, the comfortable bored in Nursing Homes, the comfortably unhappy in Hospice, the comfortable lost in Marriage… I can go on. Those thoughts are there yelling “I am not satisfied” but I live this way forever because… blah, but often real fear concerns. I’m hear to say, its OK to confront those fears.

Thought Attacks

For those of you who just don’t get. We all know the development of heart disease. Lifestyle choices. You get some plaque in the wall of the arteries, but you still eat junk, no exercise, stress, your body cell try to destroy it by providing a casing, however the casting thickens the wall making creating a more dangerous environment, flows slows down until nothing can pass.

Thought attacks are exactly the same. Unchallenged internal and external influences. You start to accumulate and or feed these negative / counterproductive thoughts about self / life, even when you know its not correct, you continue as a defense mechanism your normal routine, nothing changes, but you are not living your authentic self so it manifest itself in other areas of functioning until you find yourself saying, doing,

Exercise Your Thoughts

Just as working out and training our bodies into shape requires a certain discomfort, so does learning to free our thinking from the groove. Think about all the things you do already that causes discomfort in order the reap the benefits, of which are short live and you are in a cycle of repetition. Self-work is lasting and emotional and psychological liberating. As a Therapist I am always surprised at the amount of effort into our internal processes we put into our physical and material states, and gravely neglecting our mental state. You we be rather surprised just how different your reality will look.

Humans are not universally fixed objects. We are in constant change flowing, unfolding movement whether you choose to be in control of it or not.

The familiar zone acts as a literal boundary, which limits and constrains our experiences. Familiarity with ourselves can be the biggest threat to quality of life.

Through my embrace of existential worldview and individualized treatment specifically designed to address and treat concern, my clients feel a rebirth. Everyone is responsible to their choice. Things are the way they are because you chose it or you have done nothing about it. Let me repeat that so that it really sinks in. Things are the way they are because you chose it or you have done nothing about it.

The relationship between you and yourself reveals the movement – or lack thereof. I can help you understand this further. Progress may be achieved by embracing the all of who you are now, then we expand beyond the constraints of the familiar zone. Change does not have to apply to your entire life, although for some it does, but even small areas… social, relationships, self, work… Don’t feel as if you are changing who you are but rather taking steps to be who you want to be.

Once we have you actively engaging and exercising new thoughts it will lead to improved life experiences. This is growth. Things that are familiar will be immeasurably larger.

Remember we are all limited by our abilities / disabilities, but limitless in finding ways to construct a path that provides us not only a satisfying life but one that makes the whole of you feel alive.

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