How to Be an Alpha Male – Mastery of Body Language Skills

As I mentioned before, body language and tone of your voice makes up 93% of attraction. Body language is really an important tool when it comes to becoming an alpha male that exerts its authority. Not only body language is crucial in attraction, mastering your body language has many spill over effects on your life. And today, you are about to learn more MIND BLOWING stuff about the body language of an alpha male.

Before I go in depth into good body language of an alpha male, it is important to identify negative body language. Negative body language means how your body is reacting when you are scared or nervous. Before you can even eliminate negative body language, you need to identify it. You can do so by looking at yourself in the mirror. Doing so may make alphabuildersanddevelopers you look nervous and you can see your body doing weird things like crossing your fingers, your head looking down etc. You can also ask your friend for help to identify any negative body language when talking to attractive women.

When interacting with a woman, an alpha male makes use of body language to amplify her attraction for him. And I am going to expose some secrets of alpha male’s body language to you. One of the things that alpha male did when interacting with a women is that the alpha male feels relax and is always lean back. This lean back movement is very unlike many other men who lean forward when talking. By leaning forward, you are communicating to her that you are a needy person. Treat the woman like she is your best friend, and everything will flow smoothly.

The Alpha male also know how to exhibit sexual awareness. When alpha male is talking to a woman, he touches or caresses his chest or neck once in a while. When sitting down, he places one of his hands near his inner thigh and not touching his crotch. He establishes intense eye contact with her and then looks away. By doing all the above, you not only convey sexual awareness but also sexual confidence which really shows the alpha male qualities that you possess.

Here is some of the BIG NO NOs of body language.

1. Slouching (Alpha male feels relax but never slouches)
2. Twitching your fingers and hands(Alpha male never feels nervous around women)
3. Touching your face when you are having a conversation with a woman
4. Folding your arms(too defensive although it may look cool)
5. Constantly looking down(lack of confidence)
6. Your arms don’t swing when you walk(you will look weird)
7. Walking too fast(slow down, you are not catching a train)

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What Is Health and Wellness?

So much                  emphasis is placed on health and wellness these days it seems every where you turn you see or hear something about one or both of them. Have you ever considered what the terms health and wellness mean? Health, as defined by the World Health  (WHO) is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (abnormal condition). This is only one attempt to define health. There are as many definitions of health as there are people because most people seem to perceive health in terms of their own ability to function according to their own perception of what is normal. Now that we know what health means, lets take a look at the definition of wellness.

Wellness can be defined as a state in which an individual of a given sex and at a given stage of growth and development is capable of meeting the minimum physical, physiological, and social requirements for appropriate functioning in the given sex category and at the given growth and developmental level. Another definition of wellness is a dynamic state of health in which an individual progresses toward a higher level of functioning, achieving an optimum balance between internal and external environments.

From the definitions of health and wellness, it is easy to see why a health history is requested when you see your physician or other health care professionals. Information requested may include your health history, family health history, diet, and exercise. Depending on the health care professional you are seeing, other information may be requested. Why is such a comprehensive history important to your physician or other health care professional? History provided by you gives your doctor or health care professional the most important tool to diagnose your condition and provide you with proper treatment. In other words, when you provide an honest and complete health history, family history, medical history, diet and exercise information you provide your doctor or health care professional an insight regarding your health and wellness. Societal values also influence how an individual feels about maintaining a certain level of health. To   health means many things. It is a sense of complete well-being and the absence of disease. Each person’s health falls somewhere on a line between the extremes of good health and illness. For the individual, the existence or absence of health is usually not determined solely by laboratory test or medical pronouncements but also by the expectations created within his/her particular society.


Robotics Kits

Robot is a term with which almost all of us are quite familiar with. But most of us are unaware about the technical insights or aspects about these wonders of electronic trade. A robot is defined as “reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator”, designed to move materials, parts, tools, or specialized devices through various programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks. It has a mechanical body and an electronic nerve system to drive it.

But the robot cannot perform task on its own. It does not have brain as we human being do. roboticsengineeringandgameplay So how does a robot work. Here is the answer. For a robot to do something as desired and useful, we need to program it with some kind of intelligence. This can vary from hardwired logical circuits implementing some low-level reflex code to microcontrollers. In an advanced robotics systems, the control system can go up to neural network control systems running on powerful microcomputers networked together.

When someone decides to build a robot, the first thing that he would need is a robotic kit. Now the question arises what is a robotic kit. Well a robotic kit is your blueprint and comprises of all the tools and parts that a person would need for building a robot.

Robotic kits are available online along with manuals and robotic books which are of great help in building a robot. These robotic kits are available in various dimensions, depending on the customer’s requirement.

The robotic kit includes the mechanical parts required for building a robot like metal or plastic parts, mechanical components & electrical motors. It also includes a manual which helps in building the robot. Robotic books are of great help and an added advantage to those interested in this field. Such books have all the latest updates about robots.

In Advanced robotics systems, the control system can go up to advanced neural network control systems running on powerful microcomputers, networked together. To be able to build a robot, a person needs to understand and learn all the aspects of above mentioned fields. Robotics is not a hobby, it requires skills, dedication and lot of hard work. Besides the obvious – mechanics, programming, and electronics, there are the less obvious skills of diligence and genuine curiosity.

Some of the robotic parts are:.

Sensors: which detect the state of the environment.

Actuators: which modify the state of the environment.

Control System: which controls the actuators based on the environment as depicted by the sensors.

The most developed robot part, in practical use today, is the robotic arm and it is seen in applications throughout the world. It is used to carry out dangerous work such as dealing with hazardous materials. It used to carry out work in the medical field such as conducting experiments without exposing the researcher.

The key components of robots have the ability to perform repetitive tasks in a precise manner. Robots can be either industrial or domestic depending upon the type of function they are required to perform. On a general note robots have found their application in many fields such as Commerce, home security, medical field ,industry, transportation& military etc. See here more information on Robotic Kits/Robotics Projects


Need to Review the Definition of Health by WHO in the Light of Research in the Parapsychology Field

The current                     definition of health by World Health    includes physical, mental and social dimensions of health. But even a cursory look at the current state of the world reveals that social health is conspicuous by its absence. There is severe unrest in almost every country.

Crime rate is increasing in almost every country. There is steady increase in alcohol abuse, drug abuse, human trafficking, child abuse (physical, psychological and sexual), terrorism, rampant corruption and breakdown of families. Not a day passes without reports of murder and rape.

All the advances in science and technology have not helped people to enjoy peace of mind and happiness. The reason is the neglect of spiritual development. Today’s average man is running without knowing where he is going.

Leading psychiatrists while trying to manage problems like anxiety, depression and phobias have  that man is not just a combination of body and mind but has a soul as well which survives the death of the body. Specialists in other fields have also   that man has a spiritual dimension as well. Many reputed scientists including a few Nobel Prize winners are convinced about the existence of soul. Hence there is a need to redefine health and include the spiritual dimension of health.

We still do not know the exact cause of many diseases. Extensive research in the field of past life regression has revealed that many health related problems have their roots in our previous lives. Reincarnation is not a myth but a fact. Searching for reincarnation research or reincarnation proof will yield a long list of results.

Mere redefinition of health by itself will not solve all the problems. But if more and more people understand the cosmic law of cause and effect and   that their actions come back to them they will certainly try to reform themselves. When leading doctors in every country start  seminars, radio talks and TV shows about the scientific evidence for the existence of soul and reincarnation people will certainly take interest in the topic. People will begin to understand that the purpose of human life is to grow spiritually and

WHO should encourage every member country to accept the new definition of health which includes the spiritual dimension and modify the medical education accordingly. Doctors have to play an important role in helping people to enjoy sound health. In order to do this effectively doctors should first have comprehensive understanding of health.

Physical health cannot be maintained without taking care of psychological health and psychological health cannot be protected without tackling spiritual ignorance. Needless to say psychological disturbances lead to social problems.

Modern medicine has been a predominantly disease   and treatment oriented system. There is a need to change this approach and give primary importance to prevention of disease and maintenance of health.

It is also desirable to combine modern medicine with Ayurveda in order to promote holistic health. Ayurveda which is at least five thousand years old gave the most comprehensive definition of health incorporating physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of health.

Ideally everyone should have some social responsibility. Doctors perhaps should have it to a greater extent as they are responsible for health. We are affected by what happens in our society. No one can be safe in his house if his   house is on fire.

Humanity has paid a heavy price for neglecting spiritual development. Another equally serious threat to world peace is religious fundamentalism. By promoting scientific spirituality we can counter both the threats and establish a new world order based on Truth, Right conduct, Peace, Love and Non-violence.


Make a Fast Online Buck With Sports Arbitrage

Arbitrage is betting on all the different outcomes to take advantage of the difference between bookmaker odds. It is sometimes called a “surebet” because the arber (the person placing arbitrage) is making a risk free investment in the difference in the odds for any single event. Sports arbitrage is 100% legal and tax free in the United Kingdom. Anyone age 18 or older can engage in sports arbitrage. Before you start engaging in sports arbitrage, check your countrys laws to make sure you are not prohibited from gambling.

People can bet arbitrage on any event, from sports like football to the Hollywood Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, or Oscar night results. Basically, any event that has odds you can put your money on it. The amount of success in sports arbitrage depends on the timing and the level of betting activity before the odds change. Big football matches usually last longer than small regional games. If you want to make the big online bucks with sports arbitrage you have to be fast.

Most Internet bookmakers accept credit cards so you can start your sports arbitrage without any start up capital. Bookmakers often make payouts to credit cards as well. The advantage to using your credit to place your bets as well as receive your payout is that your payout will normally be credited to your card before the interest on your investment is due. The amount of online bucks you can make depends on how much time you are willing to invest. Returns are small percentage wise, but they are completely risk-free.

Many sites on the Internet offer links to bookmakers as well as tutorials to help you start earning big online bucks with sports and other arbitrage. Some sites offer links to websites that provide comparison charts for odds where you can search for sports arbitrage situations for yourself. Other online arbitrage services offer a paid subscription. They will send you an email alert with links to active arbitrages. A few online arbitrage betting exchanges charge a commission on your net winnings. Some other will charge a fee for transferring your online bucks to tiktoklocksmith  your bank account or credit card. The vast majority are free services are free and do not charge commissions or fees.

In order to make online bucks with no risk via sports arbitrage, you must be well organized. Most sites will walk you through the process of placing your arbitrage bets so that you do not make a mistake. You need to have a spreadsheet handy and know your login details for each bookmaker. As a rule, the arbitrage does not last long, and you won’t have time to search for your login information or request a lost password email from the bookmaker. If you plan to take advantage of the opportunity to make big online bucks with sports arbitrage, you will have to do some research yourself. You should make sure that the all the bookmakers have the same rules in place in case of an unusual event.

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Paid Surveys – The Top Secret to Earn Big Online!

There are so many advertisements online that say you can make money by online paid surveys. Sometimes some people wonder if all these are real. We do not want to be fooled by some scam paid survey sites that wants to take advantage by using paid surveys.

More and more people are now signing up to take surveys online. Companies are willing to pay you for your opinions. There are some people that will say paid surveys are not real and are no good. These people who failed to earn through surveys are those people who does not know how to look for legitimate paid survey sites. Here are some reasons why people failed in this type of work.

The very first reason why they fail is that they do not know how to make a start in this kind of work. They join to some paid survey sites that they have not researched first before signing-up.

The other reason is that people tend to go on an easy way to earn money. For example most people stay away from paid membership survey sites. They always look for the abclocksmithoh easy way what happens is they fall on paid survey sites that pay so little or sometimes survey sites that do not pay at all.

Some people may also get bored after trying out paid surveys for a little while that they do not want to continue. They may also find that the application form is too much of a work for them that instead of signing up to many sites they just register to two or three sites and that is it. Signing up to just few sites will not assure you a big income. You need to sign up to as many of them to get a decent amount of money.

In every work you need to allot some extra effort to be successful. Money will not come to you by just sitting and not doing anything. The secret to success is always the determination to achieve something.

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Fantasy Hockey Preview – Overrated Players

When it comes to fantasy hockey drafts, the temptation is to pull out last year’s stats and pick the guy who had the most points. A lot of bad assumptions go into that philosophy. For one thing, you ultimately end up with a host of one-hit wonders and miss out on the rising players. We’ve assembled here a list of players that peaked last year or had a fluke of a great season. These chumps will get drafted far earlier than they should. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Sit back and let the less-informed GM’s waste a pick, while you go for value.


Michael Cammalleri- Cammalleri  bluelinelocksmith posted enormous numbers last season, playing along side Iginla. He won’t have anywhere near that talent playing on the dysfunctional Canadians next season. If you were able to cash in on his success in 08, it’s time to sell high and watch this stock correct itself down to the 70 point range.

Jeff Carter- Carter enjoyed an amazing breakout year in 2008 and even challenged for the goal scoring title. But was this an indication of things to come, or another Brian Gionta? Best guess is somewhere in between. Carter disappeared in the playoffs a bit. Expect him to drop off a little from last season into to 30 goal range.

Patrik Elias – If you draft off last year’s stats alone, you’re going to be that sucker picking Elias way too high. He’s still a fine player, but there’s no chance he’s going to finish with a point-a-game again in 2009. He’s past his prime and has a history of inconsistency. Steer clear and let somebody else make the mistake early on.

Brad Richards – Richards built his reputation on one great season and a Conn Smythe trophy. Beyond that, he’s been a consistent disappointment in terms of fantasy production. Sure he may be overlooked due to his injury last season, but he may also be overlooked, because there about 80 better options out there. Don’t believe the hype!

Martin St. Louis – St. Louis is a tough book to read. The last three seasons have produced point totals of 102, 83 and 80, so he should be considered a fantasy star. But something just doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s his team. Don’t put too much faith in him putting up another 80 point season in 2009.

Todd White – White had a breakout season in 2008. Another word for it may be “fluke”. With new talent arriving and emerging in Atlanta next season, White should slide back down the depth chart and find himself returning to mediocrity.


Marc-Andre Bergeron- Over the past five or so seasons, Bergeron has been drafted in the middle of the pack. If that happens this year, you should laugh and point. Bergeron won’t crack 30 points this season.

Andrei Markov- It would be a mistake to think Markov will come anywhere near the numbers he put up last season. Registering 64 points on a lousy Canadians squad was the highlight of Markov’s career. Expect him to drop off by at least 15 points in 2009.

Mathieu Schneider- Another oldie-but not so good any more. It would be a good season if he finishes with more than 30 points. An even bigger challenge would be for Schneider to play in 70 or more games. There are too many better options out there.


Scott Clemmensen – What a shame. Marty got better. Clemmensen actually was in the top 10 at the all-star break, only to lose his job to the legend. With a new start in Florida, it’s going to be more of the same, as Vokoun will occupy the net most nights. Ignore the numbers and ignore Mr. Clemmensen on your draft list.

Rick DiPietro – DiPietro is supposed to be a great goalie, and he surely will be passed on by many GMs. Make sure you are in that crowd. The Islanders are a train wreck and there are no guarantees that he will play consistently after so much time off, if he plays at all. After all, they signed 2 more starting goalies this summer for a reason. Steer clear. Be warned.

Miikka Kiprusoff – Despite his high win total, Kiprusoff’s vital stats have slid consistently for the last 4 seasons. Having Sutter back behind the bench may bring some sanity back to the Calgary blueline, which may give him a boost. So, don’t write him off, but don’t overrate him either.

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Entrepreneurs: How To Become An Expert

It is hard to gain trust as an amateur. Consumers want products and services they can trust. When it comes down to it, an industry expert will be more successful than the amateur. However, don’t forget, everyone has to start somewhere. Luckily, with a little work, you can become an expert in your own niche. Expert status means more business, better marketing and overall, more success as an entrepreneur.

Choose Your Topic

The first step to becoming an expertgaragedoorrepairllc expert is to choose your topic. Your topic shouldn’t be too broad or narrow. Odds are, you’ll be creating content around your topic. If you choose something too broad, you’ll have too much competition. Too narrow and you run out of ideas quickly. For instance, if you were running a pet care business, you might choose to become an expert on certain breeds or caring for pets while traveling. These topics are narrow enough to compete without leaving you lost for new ideas.

Your topic can be something you’re already knowledgeable about or something you’re interested in but haven’t really explored yet. For entrepreneurs, your topic does need to be related to your business in some way.

Learn All You Can

You can’t just choose a topic and instantly be named an expert entrepreneur. Regardless of your level of knowledge, do some serious research on your topic. Visit forums, blogs and websites on the topic. Essentially, you are taking yourself back to school. Try to absorb all the information you can until you truly feel like you could answer any question a non-expert might ask. Attend industry related events and talk to other experts. While you can’t possibly know everything, you should know more than the basics and be able to easily research the rest.

Remember that experts never stop learning. Even after you are deemed an expert, you must stay on top of the latest news in your niche. Always learning is to always be moving onward and upward!

Prove Your Expert Status

Saying you’re an industry expert doesn’t make you one. You must prove you’re an expert. Proof is the hardest part. Start by creating a blog or video series providing information on your chosen topic. Any information should be extremely helpful to amateurs and aspiring experts alike. Guest blog on related blogs to gain exposure. The object is to get your name out there on your chosen subject. The wider your reach, the sooner you will be respected as an expert.

If you have the connections, have a fellow entrepreneur or respected blogger interview you. Interviews go a long way towards proving expert status. Alternately, interview other experts. This shows consumers you are confident and knowledgeable enough to work with other experts in your industry. It builds trust and provides your customers with more expert knowledge.

Experts are not made overnight. Becoming an expert takes time, patience and dedication. And yes, you can be an expert in multiple areas. Start small and branch out into related areas to gain expert status quicker. Before you know it, you are an expert entrepreneur in your niche, and in your related niche.

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Get to Know People Better!

Rush, rush, rush! That’s what we all seem to do these days. We’re always rushing and worrying about getting stuff done. And unfortunately, sometimes we get more caught up in our ‘to do list’ than the actual people we share our lives with.

Sadly, in the rush to succeed, sometimes other people become things or inanimate objects to us, rather than the wondrous, inspiring, and interesting human stories that they truly are. We are really missing out on the good things in life knowprogram when we don’t allow ourselves to fully know people.

Let’s take a moment to consider the people in our life. Let’s pause and spend the next moment wisely by thinking about our family, our friends, our classmates, our co-workers, our teammates, and anybody else that we come into contact with on a daily basis. How well do we really know all of these interesting people? Is our knowledge of them just a surface understanding, or do we really deeply know all of these people? Do we know what makes them tick? Do we know their favorite foods or favorite places to go? How much do we really know about their favorite pastime, or hobby? You see, we all think that we know the people in our lives, but do we really?

Many of us are so caught up in our own story of survival and/or success that we rarely ever get a chance to dive deeply into someone else’s story. But, yet, we should take the time to dive deeply into someone else’s life because it is worth the time and effort. In addition, there are so many fascinating stories out there that we’re missing. Let’s try not to miss any more of them.

Now teens, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Let’s make sure that we slow down a little bit, truly pay attention, and get to deeply know other people because it really is worth it. And once again, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…

Award-winning author, speaker and educator Dan Blanchard wants you to slow down and to get to know other people on a deeper level. They really do have some amazing things to share with you. For more great leadership tips from Dan please visit his website at:

You’ve worked hard. You’ve achieved targets. As a sales person you’re at the top of your game. Then management comes forward and offers you a new opportunity – to be a Sales Manager.

After the initial excitement of being recognized and having the opportunity to be responsible for a bigger portfolio wears off, you sit back and think. What is it that a Sales Manager really does? What are your new responsibilities and how do you function in a way that assists your Team?

At first the shift from individual contributor to first line leader is a difficult one. You will be tempted to step in and ‘do’ things for your Team. In fact some members of your Team may expect you to do this. Resist this temptation. Your role is not to replace the salesperson or do their work, rather it is to provide focus and enable solutions.
What you will find is that the good Sales Managers are a combination business leader, coach, cheerleader, shield (blocking things from impacting your sales Team), analyst (reviewing targets and results), escalation point (for customers), and advocate (for your Team with senior management and product/finance/pricing Teams). Given this long list of responsibilities where does one start? Where should you focus to get the best results?



Diet Pills You Can Buy Online

Today there are many diet pills you can buy online. It’s easier than ever to get weight loss pills. Simply find a site that sells them, enter your credit card number and address, and you can have diet pills delivered right to you door. From popular pills like Alli to Hoodi Gordonii, there are many options to choose from. Purchasing these pills online is easy, but there are definitely many things that you need to consider when you are looking at diet pills you can buy online. Here are a few important things to think about when you decide to make an online purchase.

Look for Safe Pills

The first thing you will want to do if you want to purchase diet pills on the web is look for safe pills. There are quite a few pills out there that are not safe and many that come with dangerous side effects. You want to go with pills that will help you safely lose the weight you want to get rid of. Take a look at the ingredients, who has developed the pills, and the company that is selling them. This can help you ensure that you go with pills that are going to be safe for you to take.

Qualities of Safe Pills

Not sure what constitutes safe diet pills? Well there are a variety of qualities that you should look for in the safest pills out there today. First of all, look at the ingredients. Safe pills offer natural ingredients that are of high quality. Another quality of safe diet pills is that they are certified and medically approved. It can be dangerous to take pills that are not medically approved. You’ll  Male enhancement supplement want to see what other consumers have to say. Look for positive reviews by others who have taken pills. If you see negative reviews and reviews from people saying they have had side effects and health problems, this may not be a pill that is safe for you to buy and take.

Effective Products

Another important thing to keep in mind when purchasing diet pills online is the effectiveness of the pills. You want to make sure you only go with diet pills that are going to be effective and provide you with good results. You can find out how effective pills are by taking a look at trials and studies done on the pills and what others have to say. A money back guarantee can be helpful as well and let you know that the company is willing to stand behind their product.