Internet Affiliate Marketing

Traffic generation is a crucial part of your online internet business. Without traffic, your website or your business is nothing but a white elephant. The internet is a sea of information and the purpose is for sharing great content. There are ways to repurpose the content that you created to squeeze more value out of it. Here I’ll share with you some very interesting ways to creatively use your unique content in various ways.

Articles submission

You can write your own unique article with original content and then submit it to various article directories. Your articles should be around at least 400-700 words in length. Then you just have to submit it to article directories such as and just to name a few. If you want greater amount of traffic, you have to submit to as many directories as possible.

Slide presentations submission

Next, you would want to convert that same piece of article with its information into a slide or better known as a slide presentation. After you have done that, you can search for slide directories and submit your slide to those directories. One of the famous ones that I should mention here is Slide directories are very powerful tool that you can leverage on to gain quality traffic as there are many people out there who are looking for good slide contents.

Create a video

After you have done slide submissions, you can convert that slide that you have just done into a video. Armed with that video you have just created, you can submit it to video directories that can be found on the internet. One of the most famous video directories that everyone would know is definitely YouTube. You should submit your newly created video to YouTube. There are many other video directories out there that you can submit your video.

Put your article, slide and video onto a blog

You can now put the 3 different formats into a blog. You can create a free blog at Since you have put the content that you created onto a free blog, you will be able to get good direct traffic from it after the search engines have indexed your blog.

Social Bookmark your blog

The final step is to social bookmark all the pages in the blog that you have created. This will ensure that your content is spread far and wide across the internet and a lot more people will aware of your content.

The 5 steps mentioned above are various different ways that you can reuse your unique content to drive maximum amount of good quality targeted traffic to your website. You can use this tactic as many times as you want with every one of your articles.

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