How to Be an Alpha Male – Mastery of Body Language Skills

As I mentioned before, body language and tone of your voice makes up 93% of attraction. Body language is really an important tool when it comes to becoming an alpha male that exerts its authority. Not only body language is crucial in attraction, mastering your body language has many spill over effects on your life. And today, you are about to learn more MIND BLOWING stuff about the body language of an alpha male.

Before I go in depth into good body language of an alpha male, it is important to identify negative body language. Negative body language means how your body is reacting when you are scared or nervous. Before you can even eliminate negative body language, you need to identify it. You can do so by looking at yourself in the mirror. Doing so may make alphabuildersanddevelopers you look nervous and you can see your body doing weird things like crossing your fingers, your head looking down etc. You can also ask your friend for help to identify any negative body language when talking to attractive women.

When interacting with a woman, an alpha male makes use of body language to amplify her attraction for him. And I am going to expose some secrets of alpha male’s body language to you. One of the things that alpha male did when interacting with a women is that the alpha male feels relax and is always lean back. This lean back movement is very unlike many other men who lean forward when talking. By leaning forward, you are communicating to her that you are a needy person. Treat the woman like she is your best friend, and everything will flow smoothly.

The Alpha male also know how to exhibit sexual awareness. When alpha male is talking to a woman, he touches or caresses his chest or neck once in a while. When sitting down, he places one of his hands near his inner thigh and not touching his crotch. He establishes intense eye contact with her and then looks away. By doing all the above, you not only convey sexual awareness but also sexual confidence which really shows the alpha male qualities that you possess.

Here is some of the BIG NO NOs of body language.

1. Slouching (Alpha male feels relax but never slouches)
2. Twitching your fingers and hands(Alpha male never feels nervous around women)
3. Touching your face when you are having a conversation with a woman
4. Folding your arms(too defensive although it may look cool)
5. Constantly looking down(lack of confidence)
6. Your arms don’t swing when you walk(you will look weird)
7. Walking too fast(slow down, you are not catching a train)

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