How To Write Resumes: Tips for Using Categories to Stand Out

Categories in your resume give you a way to format and organize so that information is presented in a visually appealing and accessible manner. A lot of people, however, not knowing how to write resumes just grab a resume template and use the given categories as a guideline. Remember that you are the author of your resume, and how to write resumes is really up to you. So I challenge you to get creative and think how you can best organize the document to serve your needs.

Here are 4 tips about how to write resumes in a creative manner by rethinking categories.

1. Limit the Total Number

A lot of job-hunters who learn how to thedogman  write resumes from in-college career centers use templates to write their CV, and often these templates include a list of categories that if were all used could add up to a book, or at the very least, a 2 page document.

You never want your resume to exceed more than 1 page, but you also do not want to cram a bunch of categories into that small space. So pick and choose wisely, liming the number of categories for optimum visual appeal.

2. Choose Categories Wisely

Knowing how to write resumes is knowing how to plan well, and choose categories that will best showcase your experience. Realize the categories you choose will decide how you write your resume and set the framework, so think of this ahead of time. For instance, a recent grad might be better off skipping the Work Experience category and choosing Skills or Affiliations instead. This would give them a chance to use the real estate to showcase their strengths in the best way possible.

3. Zero in On the Employer’s Needs

Even though you want to plan your categories to best represent yourself, you also want to think about which ones will offer the best opportunity to speak to the employer’s and address what they re looking for. Get to the bottom of what triggers would help appeal to what they want, and then keep that in mind when planning your categories, setting up a structure that will give opportunity to do so.

4. Endorsements or Customer Comments Category

This is a creative category trick that rarely gets used but can be very powerful. Nothing speaks so loud as third party commentary, and just like testimonials help sell products, your endorsements can help sell you. Consider collecting statements from old employers or clients to strengthen your case.
Do you see how a little creative thinking can turn this seemingly trivial aspect of resume writing into a marketing tool? Just realize that by accepting an online template, or a template from anywhere, you’ve already decided to put yourself into a box and limit what you can communicate and how. It’s cool to look at examples for inspiration, but I’m giving you the freedom now to decide how to write resumes for yourself. Make your own template.

Do you have good ideas on how to write resumes and how you can use categories to sell yourself in your resume? Let’s hear them.

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