Becoming an Affiliate – 10 Key Details You Must Know

Once you’ve made the decision that operating a business as an affiliate, there are several details you really need to pay attention to prior to signing on and promoting a particular vendor or merchant. Make no mistake about it – affiliate marketing can be one of the most lucrative business models, as long as you pay attention to the details and understand the terms and conditions of the merchants / vendors or affiliate networks you choose to align yourself with.

My Top Ten List Of Key Details You Must Pay Attention To:

1. Method Of Payment

The reason we are all here purchase iraqi dinar You’ve got to know exactly how and when you’ll receive payment. Some merchants and networks will allow you to choose how you are to be paid. Many will offer payment by check or via PayPal. Some will simply send a check at the end of the month, others will wait for a specified period of time, and others will permit you to choose when payment is made by determining a particular threshold. For example, you may be able to say you want to be paid when earnings reach $25 or other figure.

Be sure to check on the currency commissions are paid in. You don’t want to be shocked when your payment is sent in IQD. (Iraqi Dinar)

Also – be sure to check an see if the vendor holds commission back for a period of time to cover for potential customer refunds. Most won’t do this, but it’s important to check.

2. Commission Structure

You have to know what the commission structure is in order to plan your marketing efforts accordingly. Some will pay a flat figure per sale, while others (most) will pay a percentage. You also want to find out if a particular vendor increases the percentage they will pay you if you have an increase in volume. Another thing you’ve got to be aware of is if the product(s) you are selling has a recurring commission based on a monthly fee charged to the customer. Some vendors won’t include this monthly fee as a commissionable sale. Many do, so make sure the vendor you are working with does. Having the commission information from various programs is critical when comparing the various programs you may want to join.

3. How Are Refunds Handled?

You need to know exactly how refunds will impact your commission. Is the commission lost? If the expect the commission back, when is it deducted from your account?

4. Record Keeping

Any affiliate program worth its salt will provide you with a way for you to track your clicks and sales. You should be able to view what is owed to you at any given time as well as a history of payments and adjustments made to your account. Look for programs / networks that update at least daily. Real time is even better.

5. Stats Tracking

A major frustration that many affiliates have with vendors is that some don’t provide you with a way to view your statistics for your affiliate link. Having run a major affiliate program in the past, I know how critical this is. You absolutely have to know how many times your links are being clicked on and how many of those clicks are turning into sales so that you can adjust your marketing efforts when needed. If you don’t have this information, you can and probably will be wasting marketing dollars.

6. Cookie Operations

This is another critical area that you need to understand. Cookies are used to track your affiliate link. Let’s say someone clicks on your link today, but decides not to buy. That person comes back directly to the site next month without using your link. A cookie ensures that you’ll still get credit.

You are looking for vendors that offer long term cookies – say 60 days. If your vendor only offers a 7 day cookie and the customer comes back next month – all due to your marketing efforts the previous month – you are out of luck!

Something else you want to know is if the first or last cookie is the one the vendor goes by. For example, if someone clicks on your link one day, but clicks on another affiliate link next week and makes a purchase, who gets the sale. Both first and last cookie methods are valid, but you need to understand which one is in use.

7. Limits or Exclusions

Be sure to read the affiliate agreement carefully. Some vendors won’t allow you to promote in a certain way, or to promote specific products. Failure to comply with specific limits or exclusions can result in a forfeiture of your commission.

8. Penalties

Know exactly what the penalties are for an unwitting violation of the vendors terms and conditions. Hopefully this won’t be an issue because you’ve read the terms and conditions carefully, but mistakes can be made. Just know how they will be handled.

9. Restricted Marketing Strategies

It’s fairly commonplace these days that companies restrict various methods of marketing their products. Most restrictions pertain to the use of email, but many are also limiting the keywords you can use, or even the use of Google Adwords. There may be no restrictions in play with the company you want to become an affiliate for, but you need to pay close attention to this and adhere to the restrictions, if any.

10. Creative Provided

This is an area that is often overlooked by perspective affiliates. Before you sign on with a company as an affiliate, make sure there is a wide range of quality materials to promote the product(s) you are interested in promoting. This is important because if there are no materials, your job is going to be much tougher. If there are materials, but they are not of high quality, that will present an issue as well, especially if you are restricted from producing your own materials.

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Bottle Cutter Secrets – Bottle Cutting Glass Art

Bottle cutting has become one of the ways we can become more environmentally correct and live a green lifestyle. Life becomes richer when we are able to incorporate our hobbies into the way we live and when we can use our hobbies as tools to promote our environmental stance. Part of being socially responsible is to focus on the aspects of recycling, reusing, consumer products while reducing the consumption of new products. Bottle cutting is a great tool that can help with all three of those environmental goals.


Recycling is the philosophy Designer bottles uk of reusing natural resources such as metals rather than simply throwing them into the trash. Bottle cutting fits nicely into recycling because that is really what the art of bottle cutting is all about. It takes existing products and turns them into resources that can then be used to create art. Projects that are created using bottle cutters are primarily made from glass, but the creative artist will find ways to incorporate other natural resources into projects.


When we take a bottle or a jar, and we craft something that extends the useful life of that bottle or jar then we are reusing those products rather than throwing them away or recycling them. This is valuable to the environment because we are not only extending the useful life of resources we are creating a product from used material, which means that new resources are not created. This is a green jackpot.


Reducing is about reducing consumption and using what we have. The art of bottle cutting is very much about reducing. Not only are we reducing wastes, we are creating products that are made entirely of used items and that means that we are not consuming new products that require new resources.

An example:

If we use to bottles to create a wind chime, then we have taken the energy that was used to make the bottles, and we have put in into a product that has a longer shelf life. A beer bottle is recycled or thrown out as soon as the beer is consumed, but in this case we have extended that life for potentially decades. That is green. We have also used recycled items to create the wind chime and so we did not add to the environmental burden by demanding new resources. Because the wind chime, that we created, is created from used bottles, we are not adding to the consumerism that demands new products. Overall, this is a very green and environmentally friendly product that was created by a single glass cutting kit.

Glass Cutting Kits:

There are two kits that should be considered. Those are the G2, and the Ephrem Bottle Cutter.

The G2 is made from recycled aluminium and is able to cut bottles and jars that are up to five gallons in volume. The cutting tool can also be detached and used to created straight-line cuts. This makes the G2 a well rounded tool that can be utilized to create bottle art or even used to make stained glass pieces. The cutting tool is easily replaced if it should dull.

The Ephrem Bottle Cutter is a flat, table like device that has an adjustable support to accommodate larger longer bottles. There are two versions of this kit. The original kit has a standard glass cutter, and the deluxe kit has an adjustable cutter. Like the G2 replacement cutting heads can be ordered.

Either kit is worthy of producing art. There are no limitations to bottle art. Your imagination is free to create unique works of art. There are a lot of projects that are just waiting to be created. We have already discussed making a wind chime. There are unique vases that can be easily created. Larger jars and bottles can be used to create floating vase for flowers or for votive candles. Bottles and jars can also be used to create pillar candle platforms, votive holders, or even holders for tapers. These are just basic designs that are fun to create. There are some wonderful examples of hanging pendulum lights that are made from beautiful bottles. There are designs that can be used to create keep-safes, simply by adding a hinge to a cut bottle. Again, your imagination is the only obstacle, and there is nothing like inspiration to light up an imagination.

Not only is bottle art a part of green living, it is an enjoyable hobby that promotes the creative and imaginative. Some people use this as a hobby while others create products that they can sell at craft fairs, bazaars, and boutiques.

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Understanding the Types of Financial Aid For reddit

Tuition for a four year institution has increased over the last five years. Even state colleges and universities in many areas have had to increase their price due to a weakening economy and budget issues. Luckily, the private and federal aid system is still in place! You can apply for various types of financial aid that will help you pay for college. Sometimes you can get all of your tuition paid, as well as some of your expenses like books, transportation, and food.

There are two basic classifications for scholarships; they are leadership and academic scholarships. pay for essay reddit Academic scholarships are awarded by the institution, while some leadership scholarships are awarded by not only the school but by corporate and private sponsors as well. An example of leadership scholarships is from Pepsi; they have scholarships called the Tropicana and Gatorade Quality, the Quaker, and the Trust and Growth Scholarship Program. To be eligible, some require you to attend certain schools, like Howard University, Virginia Tech, and Penn State University.

The Pepsi grant is for $10,000 and is renewable. Not only do you have to attend a certain school, you are also required to have completed at least 45 units. You must have at least a 3.25 grade point average, with a record of leadership and community service. Volunteer work would also be a great example of this. The award from Pepsi is one of many corporate grants out there. American Rhodes Scholars, Dell Scholars Program, and Bank of America Student Leaders are some of the other popular scholarships. For many of the aid awards you have to be in your sophomore, junior or senior year of college. It is important that you read the eligibility prerequisites carefully and make sure that you meet them all. You don’t want to waste time filling out the application and essay only to find out that you are not eligible for some reason.

Academic scholarships are usually provided by the college you are attending. These grants require that you have a minimum grade point average and they are all different. Make sure that you request the college’s scholarship early if you are interested in applying. Double and triple check everything on the application to make sure you fill it out correctly.

There are federal and state grants that can aid students who are at lower income levels and can be easily applied for at your college aid department. However, you may have to really do a lot of research to find some scholarships that apply to you. There are many scholarships out there, so if you know that you possess a grade average of 3.25, and to be eligible you must have a 3.5 or better, chances are you may not be awarded that scholarship. There are different types of financial aid for everyone; you just have to have the patience to look.

Wondering About How to Find Hidden Scholarships


How Teachers Will Assess Your Reddit Essay

special professors coaching excellent guides will determine your magnificence essays in one of a kind processes. some will in all likelihood come up with a easy breakdown of the grading, at the equal time as others will keep the assessment criteria beneath wraps. anything they’re requirements or their manner of assessing your essay, you want to install writing one for you to truely cause them to permitted you parent.

best paper writing service reddit

For the most component, although, majority of instructors will appraise your essay below some stylish standards, mainly:

How well you spoke back the query. Did you answer the essay query correctly? extraordinarily sufficient, maximum college students fail to recognize the actual questions requested within the essay, writing net web page after web page of content fabric that tackles completely specific troubles altogether.

How clear and organized your writing style is. Is your essay in reality-written, with well-organized thoughts? Does it illustrate your thoughts in a manner that your audience will recognize? Is it properly edited and sufficiently proofread? it is going without announcing, an academic writing software program program can gain you extensively on this quit.

How well you analyzed the problems. were you able to deal with all troubles involved inside the subject matter? How accurate have become your evaluation of each, specially almost about your important thesis.

How well you understood and interpreted the supply substances. Is your facts of the supply material correct? Do you interpret them in an low cost way in your capabilities?

How strong your references are. A traditional 5,000 word essay want to have at least 15 reference sources. while you may have a great deal much less, it offers readers the affect which you did no longer exhaust the variety of to be had materials for constructing your artwork.


Many digital reddit writing pads are designed

Technological essay writing abilities are a first-rate manner to simplify writing a composition, studies project, assessment or some other organisation document that you produce on a laptop. You can also make use of the state-of-the-art generation with the aid of the usage of virtual writing pads to compile documents for all of your composition requirements.

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whether or not you are writing a proper take a look at, or jotting facts down on a submit it word, making sure to use right grammar and spelling is prime. this is the fine essay writing tip that can be observed to make sure your writing achievement. Many digital writing pads are designed to help a writer with those tasks. clever pens also are a fantastic manner to write down your facts out, and then deliver it to a laptop for compare earlier than printing the facts out. This permits the person writing to store money and time by using slicing down on paper intake.

different guidelines to be had are that will help you discover ways to utilize the contemporary technology tendencies in writing a composition. This permit you to compose articles and different documents which might be of superior printable best. every other pinnacle alternative is to use a whiteboard that will help you organize your mind and thoughts. this could additionally be useful if you are taking part with others to write down a composition. A whiteboard may be a conventional installation that hangs from your wall, or a greater advanced model is one that is online, and can be used thru a pc.

Technological guidelines on essay writing abilities can be very useful to all of us trying to enhance their skills in composing essays on a computer, or with a pad of paper and a pen or pencil. just ensure which you are using the modern day generation in your advantage. gadgets like digital writing pads, smartpens, livescribe and a whiteboard are designed to assist the novice author gain professional outcomes. additionally, ensure to test your compositions for errors before printing to save yourself paper, and time while strolling on a project. in case you study those hints you’re sure to have plenty fulfillment in your writing endeavors which can be made to offer assistance and tips on essay writing.


How To Make Reddit Essay Writing Interesting For Kids?

My eight 12 months antique is a fiend. She study To Kill a Mockingbird in a day and right now she’s breezing via Chekhov. She types over ninety words consistent with minute and from time to time writes up to twelve or fourteen pages a day. She lives and breathes studying and writing and can not recognize why all people could not experience this manner.

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nonetheless, when I factor out the word ‘essay’ she recoils in horror. Up till final month, that is. Getting Adora to write has constantly been approximately as easy as getting —-to—–. while children thinking about writing as a form of enjoyment they start to write on their very own initiative. however, when it got here to essays, I needed to get sneaky. to offer you a few concept of my technique…to this point she has written ‘All Day sweet eating: the professionals and Cons’, ‘Taking returned the energy: Why children need to Have the Vote and Adults should not’ and ‘Why I Hate Fairytales’.

I assume she had anticipated essay writing as a few Draconian horror along the traces of the book document. My aim turned into to train her to consider essay writing as what it surely is: the area’s best manner to lay down an issue.

Adora, like the general public, does her first-class writing whilst she’s actually inquisitive about some thing, or while she’s writing for herself or the humans she loves maximum. each time I knowledgeable her to put in writing an essay for class she’d come off sounding stupid and drab, miles away from her ordinary vivacious and mischievous tone.

I decided there has been no manner she may be silly and drab when writing about taken into consideration one among her obsessions, so we switched gears far from the literary essay and settled on what truely counts in the minds of maximum 8 year olds: candy. As suspected, Adora decided it not possible to be stiff whilst writing about candy. Her enthusiasm picked up like a good sugar excessive, and pretty quick the phrases were pouring out.

while she come to be executed I broke the facts: she’d written an essay and loved it. for the reason that then i have attempted to develop her knowledge of the idea, declaring that David Sedaris and Dave Barry are also essay writers, and likening essay writing to arguing, continually a favourite pursuit.

right here are three easy procedures for purchasing kids to think about essay writing as a few element essential, and a shape of leisure.

in case your children complain about a circle of relatives rule or request a new system, inform them to put it in writing. Have them country their case, giving all the reasons why they’re proper. on this manner they will be working towards the basics of essay writing in a relevant, and probable worthwhile, manner.
if your youngsters are indignant or disappointed with you, a sibling, or a instructor, ask them to jot down about it, explaining exactly what passed off, why they anticipate it’s miles unfair etc.


How to Make Money Through Freelance Article Writing reddit

Do you have the knack for writing? Do you have 1-3 hours per day to spare? Then, you can potentially earn as much as $500-$1,000 per week by writing articles for websites and for internet marketers. Here’s how you can get started:

First, it’s important that you learn how to write articles for online users. You need to understand that writing essays or news articles is very much different from online article writing. Internet users have unique needs and requirements.  reddit essay writing service What I suggest is that you read the most published articles on different directories to get an idea. Articles for internet users are generally much shorter, more casual, and more down-to-earth compare to other types of articles.

Write sample articles. Freelance article writing is one of the most competitive fields in the online arena today. This is because hundreds of aspiring writers from across the globe are offering their writing services online. You’ll get better shot at attracting potential buyers if you build an impressive online portfolio. Start by signing up an account to popular directories like EzineArticles. Then, write as many articles about most searched topics. Make sure that you put your best foot forward when writing your articles. Make them very informative, easy to read, and scannable. Your goal here is to convince your potential buyers that you have what it takes to write the articles they need in their internet marketing campaign.

Join freelancing sites. Get in touch with potential buyers by joining them on popular freelancing sites like Odesk, Freelancer, and Elance. In here, you’ll be able to bid on hundreds of article writing projects that were posted by buyers from across the globe. Give your potential clients ample reasons to pay attention to your bid. Start by giving them an assurance that you read and understand the brief. Then, tell them why you think you’re the best person for the job. If possible, offer them with sample articles that are related to their chosen topics. Also, charge fairly. $5-$10 per article should be enough especially if you’re just starting out.

Write faster. As a freelance writer, it’s obvious that what you’ll earn will depend on the number of articles that you write. So, if you want to earn more, you have to write more. There are certain techniques that you can use to boost the number of your output without sacrificing the quality of your articles. You may choose to write those topics that you’re an expert on, write when you’re feeling relaxed and creative, or simply, spend more time writing.

Impress your customers. Having a proven track record is the key to attracting more customers in the future. So, ensure that your clients have nothing but great words for you. Always offer them with high quality articles and make sure that you deliver their articles on time.

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Video Games and Its Implications

Do your kids like the computer? Are they gamers who absolutely love video games? Did you know you could test video games in the alpha stage? Video games will always be around. Remember Pac-Man, Mario or even Galaxy Invaders? Just the name, I’m sure brought back wonderful memories. What if your kids or you could test an alpha game and provide valuable input? Below I will share with you seven steps to reviewing alpha video games.

Step 1: Get to know the game you are testing. This means know what type of game you are playing. Types include and are not limited to shooter game, survival game, puzzle game or MMO (which stands massively multiplayer online). You also want to consider what features are working, which ones will be put in place and which ones need to be tested.

Step 2: What are the goals of the game? Is it about taking down something, surviving or escaping into another realm? Depending on the foundation of the game, if it is sports based the goal could be another way of doing sports which may include cars. If the game is science based, it could be teaching you survival skills and incorporating genetics.

Step 3: Always ask questions of the developers. For example, you may have found something and are not sure if it is an actual feature or a bug. Write them through their email address unless you connected with them on a social media platform.

Step 4: Ask permission. Being an alpha game tester is exciting. Before you jump the gun and put it on your channel, ask permission of the developer first before recording and putting it on your channel. This gives them exposure and also helps them find out what is missing from the game as well as if the game has a glitch. You may also make recommendations on how to make the game better.

Step 5: To record videos and take pictures. Once you have received permission, record each time you play and take screen shots. The screen shots will alleviate confusion as to what you are trying to tell them if something is wrong or you don’t understand digitalizado a certain feature. This also helps them to provide you with follow up.

Step 6: Provide Feedback. The purpose of feedback whether it is an alpha game, beta game or new game is to be constructive. Tell the developer why you feel the way you do. What you share can impact the design, cost, who the buyer could be and if this company chooses to develop more games. Do not forget to share what you do and do not like and the reasons why.

Step 7: Relationships are important. You have now completed testing this game and have provided great feedback. Ask if they will provide you with a testimonial of how your feedback helped them with their game. This is primarily for your files in case you decide you want to test other games for other companies. Be sure to remain professional with each company you are a tester for. Follow them on social media and be sure to tag them when appropriate.

Being an alpha tester can help you become aware of more games before they get on the market. It can also help you develop your gaming skills and introduce you to different platforms. Another benefit to being an alpha tester is you may get certain perks such as a mention in the credits and also they give you the game for free when it is completely done. Don’t let that be the reason you test the game.


Fox Lake IL Gaming Laws

As early as 2009, 3 years before Fox Lake adopted the 230 ILCS 40 (code for the new video gaming laws), Ed Bender, the then Fox Lake Mayor had seen both sides of the coin regarding the video gaming act. If enacted, he said it might bring the town a bad reputation but at the same time, perhaps it would also attract video gaming enthusiasts from neighboring towns and states where video gambling was illegal. Today, seven years later, video gambling has done more good than harm for Fox Lake and its community. And true to his words, many businesses have sprung up back to their feet. Business data shows that the enactment of this legislation has been good for the whole of Illinois and more local governments are adopting this new law.

By 2012, Fox Lake was waiting for the Illinois magiquotes Gaming Board to finalize its regulations for the state-run video gaming network so that qualifying business people in the village could apply for their video gaming licenses. Thus, Fox Lake is one of the towns in Illinois that adopted the new video gaming regulations as soon as the law was enacted. How has this affected business in Fox Lake? Many proprietors say they have benefited greatly as we will see later in this article.

At the time, many people thought it was good news – they were right

In 2008, the Illinois smoking ban had gone into effect and it had affected many businesses, with some tavern owners reporting up to 30% less business. However, there was a silver lining in the cloud with the enactment of the 230 ILCS 40 because it would bring back business and compensate the owners for the business they had lost since the smoking ban went into effect.

In a board meeting involving business people and Fox Lake leaders, 10 business people asked the leaders to vote in favor of adopting the new video gaming laws.

But the laws were not accepted from the word go without opposition. Mike Behan, the then Police Chief for Fox Lake had written to the board showing his concerns about the intended adoption of the law. Among his concerns was that legalized video gambling would cause more alcoholism, financial problems in the local families and drunken driving. He was also fearing an increase in embezzlement and fraud cases but he did say that the police would consent to whatever the board voted for.

So, after the adoption of the new video gaming law of Illinois in 2012, has Chief Mike Behan been proved right or has the former mayor been vindicated by an increase in business? All of the evidence available points to the latter. You can confidently conclude that the Fox Lake adoption of the new Illinois video gambling laws was well advised and that it has brought more financial benefits than harm to the locals.

October 2012 to October 2013

The state of Illinois passed the law legalizing video gambling in 2009. Under the new law, fraternal organizations, truck stops, bars, veterans groups and restaurants could set up to 5 terminals in their establishments. They would however have to get a license for each terminal from the Illinois Gaming Board. From 2009, it took a further three years to streamline the regulation but when everything fell into place, Fox Lake was one of the first places to get on the state-run video gaming network, in 2012.

In the first year of approving video gambling licenses in the suburb, the city officials had only budgeted for $12,000 but to their pleasant surprise, the amount of money that video gaming raked in for them was many times more than that, at a handsome $93,338. This revenue was used for funding the Pace Bus program and since then, video gaming revenue has been directed to huge improvements in the village. For a small place like Fox Lake to earn more than $90K in the first year of operation, it shows that there is a lot of potential in video gambling and that is what prompted the licensing authorities to license more establishments to host video gaming terminals.

Fox Lake establishments that have video gaming terminals

Many businesses have enjoyed the benefits of legalized video gambling. One of these businesses is Stella’s Place that offers restaurant services as well as video gaming services. But it is the gaming experience that you will get there that is so outstanding, with more than 40 of video poker games and slots. The beautiful ambience and the good food add to the warmth of the place, attracting more diners and gamers.

It is open every day from 8.00Am to 2.00AM and while it has many items on the menu, gaming is the main course. It is the ideal entertainment place for grownups who want to have a video poker experience to try their luck.


Your Thoughts: An Exploration Into Self Discovery

It is my belief that our thoughts are our constant companions. While many are random not belonging to us. Most have the power to impact our lives far more than any relationship. They open us up to or can close us off from relationships. They allows us experiences.

Learning to break free from negative, binding thoughts is the key to human growth and existential freedom. A particular thought, embedded as part of a larger belief, can either imprison or liberate us. Our thoughts very much tend to be self-fulfilling prophecies.

How do you see yourself? doghint What do you say about yourself or others that no ones knows? Thoughts are our ideal best friends. Exploring through thoughts is how we make all decisions. It is these private conversational thoughts that script your life. Self-criticizing thoughts ruin our existence. Imagine for a moment a judgmental voice perched on your ear assaulting you all day long. That would ruin your day. You would feel disturbed by it. You cannot function at your optimum capacity. Now, imagine it for a lifetime.

A healthy habit of thinking is the essence of my therapeutic treatment. Not everyone is aware of these thoughts but our intuition lets us know something is not right. Something,… life is not fulfilling. We are not conditioned to explore our thoughts in debt. Many of us absorb thoughts consciously or unconsciously through outside sources. Unfortunately, We we wait until a mental earthquake occurs. We take care of our heart, muscles and physical aches. Our thoughts residing in the brain can be in pain for years and go untreated. Untreated toxic thoughts affect functioning. Developing a healthy relationship with your thinking should be a primary undertaking in life and yet it is tragically ignored. Unhappiness, while normal and appropriate at times, is an misalignment in thought patterns. In fact, when I think of mental illness in general it is not a chemical imbalance in the brain but rather a result of every little thing we experience, think, feel, see, hear, wish, hope for, etc. and unresolved historical traumas. However as our delicate and prone to error brains, its natural complexities that are then soaked in chaos, rigidity, and unique life experiences, its bound altering chemical expressions impact.


Psychotherapy changes individuals. People come into therapy with me in crisis. Changing your thoughts does in fact alter the script of your life, but learning how to do so requires learning a new skill set. My foundation is the existential approach. When stripe from all the titles, who are you. Most importantly, in your unique limitless who do you want to become. It is a rebirthing! You are now an individual living within the systems of life with authenticity to self.

We all have random thoughts that do not belong to us. And we discard them immediately.

The thoughts of our identity are primarily informed by our experiences and our beliefs. Thought, therefore, represents our beliefs and life experiences. For many, our thoughts stifles personal growth. We are not able to live in or embrace the present, the future.

The moment we attach to a thought, it automatically summons our personal history of accompanying emotions, and we become embedded in this conditioned reflex from the past. In order to get out of this cycle we must willing to be adventurous and self-daring.

We often fool ourselves with games that we are happy and comfortable, except that it’s not particularly comfortable, simply familiar. Comfortable and Familiar are to different places. Listen to the physical you in determining where you are. If you find it impossible to determine I can help with that. Personal transformation, requires identifying and breaking down of barriers. Familiar is often an unsuspecting barrier.

I am not saying this is easy, our thoughts literally defends its territory, as it proclaims that it’s too dangerous to venture outside of who we are or dare go against how we are perceived by others. We create excuses or justifications to either procrastinate or utterly avoid the discomfort of new thinking and new behavior. I pose to you, why? There is nothing negative about feeling discomfort. Its merely a physical signal, as all of our intuitive feelings, that require further investigation into their validity. They are like our physical body, always working to keep us safe and alive. Always with good intention, but sometimes assistance is needed, an intervention against environmental adjustments, the balancing of over or underproduction and the attack on realities.

Intuitive Thoughts

Unwanted self-imposed boundaries can be discarded though exploring our relationship with your intuitive allies. There always exist some anxiety with change. Being uncomfortable activates physiological excitement, Fight, Flight, and another option I call the Flirt Response. Do what makes you feel good, think what makes you feel good. Keep that which is lasting. You’re flirting with life. You must determine the course for your existence. If you’re unsatisfiable comfortable, you’re adopted thoughts that are not your own, any longer, which is not bad. I’m simple stating that comfortable can also to viewed as problematic to living. I have serviced many, the comfortable bored in Nursing Homes, the comfortably unhappy in Hospice, the comfortable lost in Marriage… I can go on. Those thoughts are there yelling “I am not satisfied” but I live this way forever because… blah, but often real fear concerns. I’m hear to say, its OK to confront those fears.

Thought Attacks

For those of you who just don’t get. We all know the development of heart disease. Lifestyle choices. You get some plaque in the wall of the arteries, but you still eat junk, no exercise, stress, your body cell try to destroy it by providing a casing, however the casting thickens the wall making creating a more dangerous environment, flows slows down until nothing can pass.

Thought attacks are exactly the same. Unchallenged internal and external influences. You start to accumulate and or feed these negative / counterproductive thoughts about self / life, even when you know its not correct, you continue as a defense mechanism your normal routine, nothing changes, but you are not living your authentic self so it manifest itself in other areas of functioning until you find yourself saying, doing,

Exercise Your Thoughts

Just as working out and training our bodies into shape requires a certain discomfort, so does learning to free our thinking from the groove. Think about all the things you do already that causes discomfort in order the reap the benefits, of which are short live and you are in a cycle of repetition. Self-work is lasting and emotional and psychological liberating. As a Therapist I am always surprised at the amount of effort into our internal processes we put into our physical and material states, and gravely neglecting our mental state. You we be rather surprised just how different your reality will look.

Humans are not universally fixed objects. We are in constant change flowing, unfolding movement whether you choose to be in control of it or not.

The familiar zone acts as a literal boundary, which limits and constrains our experiences. Familiarity with ourselves can be the biggest threat to quality of life.

Through my embrace of existential worldview and individualized treatment specifically designed to address and treat concern, my clients feel a rebirth. Everyone is responsible to their choice. Things are the way they are because you chose it or you have done nothing about it. Let me repeat that so that it really sinks in. Things are the way they are because you chose it or you have done nothing about it.

The relationship between you and yourself reveals the movement – or lack thereof. I can help you understand this further. Progress may be achieved by embracing the all of who you are now, then we expand beyond the constraints of the familiar zone. Change does not have to apply to your entire life, although for some it does, but even small areas… social, relationships, self, work… Don’t feel as if you are changing who you are but rather taking steps to be who you want to be.

Once we have you actively engaging and exercising new thoughts it will lead to improved life experiences. This is growth. Things that are familiar will be immeasurably larger.

Remember we are all limited by our abilities / disabilities, but limitless in finding ways to construct a path that provides us not only a satisfying life but one that makes the whole of you feel alive.