The Benefits Of Internet Marketing

Whilst it is fair to say that Internet marketing has certainly had an effect on offline trading figures, the comparisons are not directly proportionate for the simple reason that the Internet has opened up huge new markets which were not feasible before this ‘information superhighway’ was born. The interactive nature of Internet marketing, and the low costs involved in distributing information and media to a global audience, makes a very attractive platform for any business model, regardless of size. Latest figures from credit card companies report a 15 billion dollar turnover from times29 Internet sales in the last year, and rising rapidly. So it is not surprising that budgets for Internet marketing are taking a bigger slice of the advertising cake and the numbers of individuals earning their living directly from Internet marketing are ballooning off the scale.

Internet marketing draws together all the creative and technical aspects of the Internet, which include design, development, advertising and sales, and the techniques used in Internet marketing include search engine marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, online advertising and more recently, social media marketing methods as employed in blog marketing, and viral marketing.

Internet marketing is the process of building, growing and promoting a business individual or organization through any online activity including websites, blog sites, article marketing, press releases, online market research, email marketing, and online advertising. In order to fully comprehend the huge benefits offered by the Internet marketing process, it is difficult not to draw comparisons with offline marketing methods, but it has to be remembered that one is not a replacement for the other. Internet marketing and offline marketing will both have an important part to play in the future of any business, assuming it is not purely Internet based. Let us now look at the benefits that Internet marketing has to offer..

Low Cost

Since the Internet can be regarded as a ‘free for all’ activity center where information is shared freely with all interested parties, the cost involved in the overall Internet marketing strategy is relatively low. Apart from the obvious expenditure incurred in operating a web site, a large proportion of the budgets set aside for Internet marketing will typically be swallowed up by services and resources offering expertise in the various marketing techniques that fall under the Internet marketing umbrella. For example, Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in the positioning of a web site in search engine rankings and the larger organizations will often employ the services of a search engine optimization company to carry out this duty. Equally there are Internet Advertising Agencies available to handle all aspects of online advertising. Smaller companies or sole traders may carry out their own search engine optimization and advertising campaigns and would need only a few hundred dollars budget for marketing software tools. Either way, the overall cost of Internet marketing is much lower than the cost of a similar offline campaign.

Work From Any Location

All activities that fall under the Internet marketing banner can easily be organized from a laptop computer. Most communications are made using online contact forms, email or instant messenger, and payments for items such as web site hosting, internet marketing software tools and resource fees can all be paid online using a credit card. Web site design and management is also another area of Internet marketing easily managed from a laptop computer. The versatility of the ‘laptop’ means that these duties can be carried out from any location and therefore those involved in the Internet marketing fraternity can easily work from a simple home office, or even when away from home. Commuting is totally unnecessary.

The Level Playing Field

Unlike offline commerce, the use of Internet marketing techniques now make it possible for an individual or sole trader to compete with the larger organizations in his online business. It’s true that a larger company whose name was on everyone’s lips would have a head start in the marketing of their web site, and a larger presence in the search engine pages, beyond that the doors are opened and it’s quite common to see a smaller commercial outfit riding higher than their much larger competition in search engine results. Yes the online advertising budgets would be much bigger for the national companies, but there are many Internet marketing techniques and resources available to the solo marketers that would help them to stay in touch. There are literally hundreds of new Internet millionaires developed on a daily basis.


Digital Marketing And Its Importance

Undoubtedly, the new and smart strategies for the businesses are the need of the hour. The market is now full with small and large scales business, thus the biggest challenge that both the consumers and producers both have to face is the presence of different brands selling the same product. moments29 For example, if you go to a store for buying dark chocolate, you can easily find 6-7 brands selling the dark chocolate even at the same price. This is the level of competition, which producers are facing these days. Therefore, to make your product recognized by everyone it is important to standout your business presence in the online world with smart digital marketing tactics.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a broad term that includes advertising, promoting, and strengthening the online presence of businesses through digital platforms. Some of the digital tactics that fall under the umbrella of ‘Digital Marketing’ are digital advertising, email marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click, online brochures, and more. Unlike other offline marketing efforts, digital marketing allows getting accurate results in real time. For example, if you put an advertisement in the newspaper, it is nearly impossible to estimate how many people flipped to that page and paid attention to that ad. While with digital marketing, you can easily measure your ROI of any aspect of your marketing efforts. According to Crux Creative Solutions Private Limited, one of the best online marketing agencies in Delhi NCR is here to explain why digital marketing has become so important.

Website Traffic: As discussed above, it is very difficult to understand how people are engaging with your brand through offline marketing. While online marketing helps you in identifying trends and patterns about how people are behaving with your brand. Hence, you can make better strategies in the future to attract more and more consumers to the website. Not only can this, with digital marketing you get the exact number of people who have viewed your website’s homepage in real time by using digital analytics software. These stats help you in deciding which digital strategies to continue and which to stop using.

High Visibility on Search Engines: Search Engine Optimisation is another powerful digital marketing strategy that offers a variety of benefits to the business owners. As discussed, there is tough competition between the brands in the market. When we search any service on the search engine, we get 100s of results. Naturally, we believe in the top five searches because they are the most reliable website links according to Google. Thus, by optimizing your website content through digital marketing strategies, you can reach to more online buyers.

Content Performance: Online marketing lets you estimate your content performance. Let us understand this with an example, imagine you have delivered pamphlets and posters to a different sector of societies. The problem is that you have no idea how many people opened those posters or threw it in the dustbins. Now imagine that you have that same poster on your website. You can exactly measure how many people clicked that poster, how many closed that poster and the details of those who clicked the poster. This not only informs how engaging is your content also generates leads for your website.

Digital marketers at CRUX, the renowned digital marketing agency in Gurgaon offers the best campaign plans with excellent planning, adaptable strategies, and precise execution to cater to the needs of clients. After Fujifilm, Sony, Quantum Naturals, Park Hospital, and many more, we would love to have you in our client’s list. Our set of services includes creative designing, SEO development, web development, content marketing, and more.


Manners Matter 5

Foul Language

“Please leave your profanity outside!” was a sign I saw on the door of a local restaurant. Seems to me we shouldn’t need such a sign in a public place. However we do live in a society where course talk is commonplace. Television shows and movies are increasingly laced with profanity, often injected not to advance the story but to shock the audience.

What’s with all the profanity now commonly used by all ages – children through senior citizens? Here are five observations about foul language and the world we live in:

Observation 1: Profanity is dim-witted. nyhedspatruljen Any dunce can spew out a few obscene words to fill the void of a feeble vocabulary, embellish a story, or respond to a provocation. To speak intelligently takes, well, intelligence, duh. Someone said, “When a man uses profanity to support an argument, it indicates that either the man or the argument is weak – probably both.”

Observation 2: Profanity is easy to learn. Remember when you were a kid and you heard your first curse word? It was fixed permanently in your mind upon first hearing even if you didn’t know what it meant. If I could teach you five new profanities followed by five new blessings, which do you think would be the easiest to recall? We both know the answer. Why, I wonder, are profane words, curses, and filthy stories so easy to learn and use?

As a young minister I stopped in to visit with an old high-school friend who was married and had a three-year-old son. He had taught his little boy a variety of curse words and was anxious for him to perform his disgusting vocabulary for me. I listened with horror as this little child spat out a series of filthy words that would embarrass a drunken sailor; his father laughed; I did not.

Observation 3: Profanity is a weapon. If you want to get one-up on the other guy, just dress him down with a profane word play spat out with a look of anger and spite. You will leave him speechless and wounded and your accompanying adrenaline rush will make you feel like a powerful person when in fact you are a witless embarrassing conversational cripple.

Observation 4: Profanity is optional. I had a basketball buddy who used the famous “F” word with nearly every phrase he spoke. He was also the coach for his granddaughter’s softball team. I wanted to ask him how difficult it was for him to leave that word out of his sentences when he was coaching the 12-year-old girls. I guess even the vilest profane talkers can adjust their vocabulary to fit the audience although accidents do happen and a curse word or two can be dropped on the wrong audience.

Observation 5: Profanity is not necessary. There is hardly any conversation where profanity communicates better than an intelligent powerful and sharp-pointed verbal punch.

If you are addicted to profanity you are embarrassing yourself while offending others. Start today to substitute pleasing words for profane words, blessings instead of curses. Don’t tell dirty stories tell clean ones. Don’t use profanity, use propriety. Don’t use defamatory words, use congratulatory words.

You will raise your self-esteem and those around you will find you much more likeable!

Note: Many parents concerned about all the profanity on TV should check out They have a way to filter out bad language so you or your children do not have to hear it.


This Is My Choice Today

I opened my eyes. It is cold and it is dark still. Early morning during the winter is one of my less favorite times. It is cold, really cold. It is so warm and cozy in bed, to get out is a mission on its own. As I lie there thinking to myself. Thinking about the choice I have to make right at that very moment. The choice of getting up and writing to you, or I can just set my alarm clock for another hour and a half later and go back to sleep. After all it is winter and it is cold and who would know? Everyone else is sleeping warm, cozy and sound in their beds.

I am the only one crazy enough to get up at 4 am in the morning to write. I am the only one crazy enough to think that the extra time in the morning, before everyone starts to stir and before the sun start to rise for the day, that xanthitoday I will use this time to my advantage and make a difference. Not just a difference in my life but for my son as well. He deserves the very best I have to offer, and that includes me, the very best of me, the successful me.

As I sit and think about the choice I choose to make today, to rather get up earlier, using the extra time to push myself towards my goal. I think back over the past few years, and I realize how many times I have given up… How many times did I choose to sleep a little more, how many times I choose not to take action but rather to blame others for what happened to me, all the stuff that went wrong in my life. It was never me, never my fault. Always someone else’s fault, everyone else did all these things to me, they caused every bit of discomfort and heartache, when in fact as I look back I know I caused everything myself. I made the wrong choices. I made the wrong choice every day.

Many things could have been so very different. Some of these make my heart ache when I think of them. How is it that I didn’t think, how is it that I didn’t know this before. How is it that I messed up my life so bad. Sometimes it still feels that I will never get it back again, any of the stuff I made myself loose. That I messed up my only chance of happiness. I know what I did wrong, I have forgiven myself. Sometimes the regret do come back, then I feel the hurt inside me. But I only let it linger for a little moment, not too long, just a short while. Just long enough to remind me of what it is that I never want to do to myself and to my family ever again. Real honest regret is one of the worst feelings to experience. The moment is over now, got to move on and change the feeling to one of hope and happiness. What’s done is done. I can decide today to learn from the past thus making the future a better place.

Today is my choice, I can choose to get up and go, or I can choose to lie back and sleep some more, only dreaming of a better future, not actually doing something to change it. Today is my choice; I will decide what I want to do with the time I am given here. I decide to make a success; I decide to get up earlier and to use the extra time to do something great. I decide to do one great thing today, just one. One is a good start, one is already halfway to two, and two is already halfway to four, do you see where I am going with this? Make one good choice today, tomorrow make two and that is exactly how we grow and that is how we succeed.

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come, but today is here, right here, right now. Today is my choice, just like today is your choice. Choose to make today the best of your life so far, choose to make today the first day of the rest of your amazing life. Then tomorrow you improve on today. You are the creator of the rest of your life right now. And if you really think about it, right now is in fact the only time that really counts, make it count then.

I should have made better choices before, I know. I also know it doesn’t help me at all to dwell in the past and regret all the mistakes I’ve made. I know now to use these past mistakes to make a better today, thus creating a better future. I deserve success, I deserve love and I deserve money, loads of it all. I deserve all the stuff I chased away out of mere ignorance, stubbornness and the greatest of all selfishness. Never realizing I am the one who is creating my own masterpiece. I threw many of the good usable parts away, stupidity and ignorance. But today I see into the future and I see all these things for myself and a whole lot more in abundance.

Therefore I choose today to change my entire existence. To change what I keep and what I throw away. The universe is on my side, smiling down at me, proud of me and proud of my recent good choices. I can feel the universe changing and moving to my advantage. I have forgiven myself, the universe has forgiven me, my choices is made and now I can start to live life the way it was intended.

You and me, we have the same choice the moment we open our eyes in the morning. Right there, this moment is when you make the biggest choice of your life. Whether to get up and tackle this bull by the horns, or lie back and relax some more. My choice is to get up and give it the best shot that I can; then some more. Success is in that choice. You and me, we decide what to do with the time we are given.

Decide what it is that you want, then believe you can have it, believe that you deserve it, believe it is possible, then take action together with your decision. You are a strong amazing wonderful person, just decide and make your world the best place it can possible be. I can, I will, and so can you.


Lords of Waterdeep: Board Game Review

Game Overview

Lords of Waterdeep is a strategy board game, for 2-5 players, designed by Peter Lee and Rodney Thomson. Players take on the roles of secret rulers of the city of Waterdeep, the most resplendent jewel in the world of Forgotten Realms. Each ruler is concerned about the city’s safety but also has a secret agenda and is willing to do whatever it takes to gain power and control the city. What can’t be gained with legal procedures, can always be gained through treachery or bribery. In order to succeed with their secret plans, rulers hire adventurers to take on quests on their behalf and earn rewards. They can also expand the city, by buying new buildings that open up new available actions in the game or play Intrigue cards that may hinder their rivals or essentialgamergadgets advance their own plans. By completing quests and buying buildings, players earn victory points. At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points, is the winner.

The game uses a carefully designed board, depicting the city of Waterdeep and its various locations. There are special spaces reserved on the board for city expansions (new buildings that players can buy), the Quest Deck, Quest cards and discarded Quests, The Intrigue deck and discarded Intrigue cards plus available buildings to buy and the building stack.

At the start of the game each player chooses a color and takes the corresponding player mat in front of him. The mat has special places reserved for the player’s agents (the Agent pool), hired adventurers (the Tavern), completed quests and the player’s Lord of Waterdeep card.

Players are dealt a random Lord of Waterdeep card, which defines their character and secret agenta. It is placed at the bottom of the player mat, face down.

Each player starts out with a predetermined number of agent tokens (according to the number of players) which he can assign to different locations in the city and use them to hire adventurers. Hired adventurers are represented by wooden cubes of different colors, each one representing a different type of adventurer:orange (fighters), black (rogues), purple (wizards) and white (clerics). During setup, each player is also dealt 2 random quests face up, 2 intrigue cards face down and some gold. Each quest, in order to be completed, requires certain numbers and types of adventurers and sometimes also some gold and rewards players with victory points and sometimes gold or adventurers. After being completed, quests are placed on a special place on the player mat. Some quests have the notation “Plot Quests” which indicates that they have ongoing effects in addition to providing rewards. These are placed face up near the player mat to remind the player the ongoing effect. Intrigue cards can be of three types: Attack, Utility or Mandatory Quest. Attack cards hinder or penalize opponents while helping the player who played them. Utility cards just benefit the player who played them. Mandatory quest cards are given to opponents and must be completed before other active quests this way slowing them down. Intrigue cards may be played when agents are asigned to a certain building, “The Waterdeep Harbor”. After all agents are assigned by all players, Agents placed at Waterdeep Harbor are reassigned to another empty location on the board.

The game consists of eight rounds. In each round, players take turns and each turn can assign an unassigned agent to an unoccupied location in the city. The action of that location is immediately performed and then it is also possible for the player to complete a quest, providing he has gathered all prerequisites. There are 9 basic buildings in the city where agents can be assigned, but more can be purchased in the course of the game. Actions that can be performed in buildings include: hiring adventurers, gaining gold, buying buildings, gaining or playing intrigue cards, taking new quests, hiring an extra agent “The Ambassador”, taking the first player marker, gaining victory points and more. When buying a new building, players pay a cost in gold indicated on the building tile, gain some victory points, position the new building tile in one of the reserved empty spaces on the board and place one of their control markers on that tile in order to indicate that they own the building. Whenever another player assigns an agent to that building, its owner will benefit too.

First Impressions

The box of the game is quite big, with the front cover artwork depicting some of the famous Lords of Waterdeep (unfortunately the image can’t be described as very tempting). Opening the box, reveals a whole lot of beautiful components of high quality and a special storage tray, rarely seen in standard game editions.

The rulebook, very impressive indeed, stands out with its elaborate design, beautiful artwork and clear text. Next comes game setup, which doesn’t take too long: a little shuffling of the intrigue and quest cards, placement of cards and buildings, distribution of player mats and agents and ready we go! Gameplay is pretty simple and runs smoothly: Assign an agent, perform the action of the building, possibly complete a Quest. Next player please! I was much excited when I completed my first (2-player) game and eager to play many more games. That’s a pretty good first impression, isn’t it? Let’s get down to business and analyze individual aspects of the game:


Components are of high quality as could be expected of a major publisher like Wizards of the Coast. The game board is huge and impressive with basic buildings drawn on the map of the city of Waterdeep and empty spaces around the board for city expansions. There are special locations on the edges of the board to place the quest deck and quests available for purchase, discarded quests, the Intrigue deck of cards, available buildings for purchase and future buildings. In general there is a place for everything and the board is very well organized and totally functional. The cards’ artwork is awesome (let’s not forget that Wizards of the Coast is the publisher of “Magic the Gathering), with elaborate designs and made of high quality, thick paper. However, sleeving the cards is recommended, especially for Quest and Intrigue cards that will soon suffer from repeated shuffling. The building tiles are made of thick cardboard and are cleverly designed, leaving a special place on their southeast corner for the player’s control markers to be put. This way the markers don’t hide the building text nor interfere with the placement of Agents. Agents have the shape of meeples which is most convenient and are made of wood. So are the first player token as well as the Ambassador and Lieutenant tokens. Score markers are also made of wood. A special mention to player mats must be made: Each player takes a player mat that matches his/her Agents color. The mat is beautifully designed and has separate spaces reserved to place Agents (the “Agent Pool”), adventurers (the “Tavern”), control markers, completed Quests and the player’s Lord of Waterdeep card. Awesome work! Adventurers are represented by wooden cubes of different colors. There is a sense of failure here, as players are used to think wooden cubes mostly as resources: wood, stone, gold etc. After a short while, you start to forget that cubes are adventurers and can easily be caught saying things like “I place an Agent here and get 1 orange and 1 white cube” and think of them as materials instead of saying “I place an Agent here and I hire 1 cleric and 1 fighter”. It’s obvious that some other kind of tokens could be used to represent adventurers, something that would at least have the shape of a human being. The use of miniatures would be great but I guess that would rise the production cost and subsequently the game price too much. 9/10


Playing Lords of Waterdeep is a very entertaining experience. The game has easy rules and runs smoothly. You can think about your next agent placement while opponents play. There is a huge amount of strategic thinking involved in your decisions about agent placement and luck only plays a small part in the game, mainly in available quests and drawing of Intrigue cards. There is also decent amount of player interaction, through Intrigue cards. The game scales excellently with any number of players and that’s a huge plus. When playing with 2 players, all 4 agents are available from the start f the game, plus one that comes into play on the fifth round. With 3 players, each player has 3 agents and with 4 or 5 players 2 agents. This is a clever way to bring balance to the game. The game’s duration is about an hour, which is an ideal duration for me. Not too fast, not too long. Without introducing something innovative, Lords of Waterdeep is one of the most interesting and entertaining games I’ve played this year. 9/10

Learning Curve

The rules of the game are simple in general and you won’t have to read through them again after the first time, except maybe for some clarifications on specific buildings or Intrigue cards. An official rules FAQ has been released with answers to most common questions players may have. Players will learn the game quickly within the duration of the first game, so it’s equally suited for experienced gamers and non gamers. 8/10


Wizards of the Coast is a publisher renowned for their emphasis in theme and Lords of Waterdeep is no exception to that. The theme seems present in every aspect of the game, from the illustrious analysis of the organizations in which Agends of each color belong to, in the rulebook, to the flavor text on Lords of Waterdeep cards and quests. The game board also promotes the sense of theme in the game. The only important objection regarding the implementation of the theme is the representation of adventurers with cubes. An important aspect of the theme is lost here: the hiring of adventurers. As mentioned earlier, players will eventually tend to forget what cubes really represent and will think of them as some kind of resource which has this form in most other games. 7/10


I am never bored to play a game of Lords of Waterdeep and I think that tells everything about this scoring category. An ideal game for gamers and non gamers, for 2,3,4 or 5 players alike with no compromising on fun. Games are fun, challenging, with some player interaction and a lot of strategy and they last just about the right amount of time. What else could one ask for? 9/10


Well, it won’t make you laugh but it will always make your time worth it. Some interaction between players through Intrigue cards is a plus for the fun factor. 8/10


I want to play that game again and again. I’m addicted!
Scales perfectly with any number of players
Rich and deep gameplay
Much strategy, almost no luck
Excellent components
Very functional storage tray
Easy to learn

Adventurers represented with wooden cubes!
Overall: 8.3

Find more about the game at:

Maria Panagou is the owner of website.

If you liked this article, feel welcome to read more articles about board games, plus find informative game presentations, strategy guides, a comprehensive sleeving guide and more by visiting the above link.


Everything You Need To Know About ICOs

What is ICO: Not a really long time ago, Bitcoin underwent the process of coming into existence and holding promises of a potential future, though interpreted and understood as a preposterous step towards digital currency.  cryptowatchdaily  In the years ensuing the maturation of Bitcoin, the ecosystem of cryptocurrency has detonated. Amidst the aggravatingly accelerating birth pace of freshly launched coins, there is a transaction type called, “Initial Coin Offering” or ICO. An ICO is a tool seeking financial support which involves trade of cryptocoins destined in the long run in exchange with an expeditious value of present cyptocurrencies. According to The Financial Times, ICOs are unsupervised by laws supplying and distributing of cryptocoins where investors can upend money.

On the other hand, The Economist describes ICO as digital tokens issued on ineradicable distribution of logs and blockchains.

Wrapping up, we can say that ICOs are the new handheld catapult making way for nascent cryptos.

Laws: Smith + Crown explains that most ICOs are peddled software tokens which relate to the time before being made available for purchase. In order to circumvent the legal necessities, ‘crowdsale’ or ‘donation’ instead of ICOs are the languages used commonly now.

Is there a chance that ICO might slow down: In this regard, Crypto Hustle, writes in a recent article that ICO hysteria is because of those people who had adopted Ethereum at the earliest and are now interested in comebacks. So, it can’t be presumed whether the phases of pursuit of pleasures will last for long or not but when rectifications come, we will get to see which cryptos stay put.

If ICO is a safe buy: If you are a risk-taker and not a risk-shifter, without paying heed to end of capitalism, or to the fact that this very subject matter could bury you into the ground, capital-less, then go ahead, it is your call.

Now that we have gathered information about ICOs, let’s come to the ultimate question.

What is future of ICO: Going by the reports of a survey of 2017, “about 46% of ICOs didn’t reach the fruition stage despite raising about $104 million.”


Increased risk of investing in cryptocurrency.
Draconian regulations.
Tough competitions.
Decreasing returns.
Volatile nature of cryptocurrency.
China has banned ICOs and Russia has brought into light a completely different set of rules and regulations for ICO with the promise that investors can sell back their tokens. Promotions of ICO in Google and on face book are difficult, and Twitter deliberately banned scam crypto accounts. Higher authorities believe that the block chain has a living future but ICO? Its future is rotting inside its own skin of struggles to cross that extra bridge to prove their credibility.
So, yes. Death of ICO is really looming large in the air, and before we know, it might blend in and disappear like it never existed in the economy. But still there are some coins which can turn to next Bitcoins so you have to be on the lookout for best ICOs.

There are many upcoming icos like WEMARK, UBCOIN, TRUSTED CARS FLEX, TOKEN CHANGER, ALTINDEX which you can invest in if you are a risk taker.


Giving the Gift of Candy – Ideas for Great Candy and Chocolate Gifts

Materials used for this candy gift basket: an Easter bucket, “Dum-Dum” pops or other
lollipops, decorative Easter grass, curling ribbons of different colors, floral foam for
silk arranging, a stuffed bunny, chocolate bunnies, stem wire, glue dots or scotch tape,
wired decorative Easter eggs (I bought them in Michaels Craft store), and Easter ribbon.

1. Take an Easter bucket and fill it 5/6 full of Easter plastic grass.

2. Cut the floral foam for silk flower arranging and put it on the top of the Easter
decorative grass so it fits into the container firmly. Cut and insert filler pieces of
foam as necessary. If the foam is loose in the bucket, you can secure it to the walls of
the bucket with some floral sticky clay.

Or you can buy foam in the shape of a flat circle, cut it to the desired size and insert
it into the bucket.

3. Cover the foam with Easter    Chocolate bouquet  grass securing it with floral pins as necessary.

4. Set the toy Easter Bunny in the back of the bucket. If the bunny does not want to sit,
you can attach a piece of a bamboo skewer to the back of the toy using a piece of clear
scotch tape. The bunny is held in place with the piece of skewer inserted in the foam.

5. Make some candy flowers.

a) You will need “Dum-Dum Pops” or other lollipops and curling ribbons of different

b) Take a “Dum-Dum” pop and a piece of matching curling ribbon. Tie a small bow at the
base of the pop (where the stick and the pop meet).

c) Using scissors curl the loose ends of the ribbon.

d) That is it. One candy flower is ready. Make several candy flowers of each color and

6. Insert pops in light and dark green wrappers all around the edge of the bucket. Then
insert the rest of the pops around the bunny.

7. The next step is to add the chocolate bunnies to the arrangement.

a) You will need chocolate bunnies, 16 or 18 ga stem wire, and packing tape or scotch

b) Attach the stem wire to the back of chocolate bunnies with scotch tape or packing
tape. To stabilize the chocolate bunnies on the stem wire, put a zigzag bend in the wire.

c) Insert the wired chocolate bunnies at the back of the bucket behind the toy bunny.

a) Take wired decorative Easter eggs and Easter narrow ribbon.

b) Tie an Easter bow around these Easter eggs and insert them in the foam so they will be
in the bunny’s hands as though he is holding them.


Facilities Management Services: Pest Control

Pest control is something that all businesses need to keep on top of and pests being tenuous little things, it’s an area that really is best left to the professionals such as outsourced facilities management services.

Common pest problems for businesses include rats and mice, birds, flies and other insects. Pests are not just a nuisance though. They need to be controlled, both for financial and health reasons.

Pests can cause problems such as soiling or eating food, damaging buildings and electrics. They can also damage water pipes, structural timbers, ventilation and guttering.

Of course, were someone to see a pest such as a rat or mouse on your business premises, that could seriously damage your reputation and lose you money as well.

Pests can also carry diseases and bite and sting people. It can also be a problem because many people are frightened, distressed and irritated by pests and the sight of them or their droppings.

Facilities Management Services

Facilities management pest control services are available to prevent, manage and eradicate a wide range of pests.

Rodent and insect management

Expert companies will have the expertise and up-to-date techniques and equipment to find and  Cyber Security Strategy eliminate pests on your business premises such as rats, mice and cockroaches. Because of their expertise, the problem can be solved with very minimal disruption to your business.

Cleaning Services

Following a pest infestation, your business premises may well require a thorough clean to make it safe and hygienic again and to prevent a re-infestation. Specialist facilities management firms can do a full deep clean, including in key areas which must be spotless such as machinery, air handling units and kitchen units.

Bird control

In some cases a bird infestation can represent a pest problem. An outsourced FM company will remove and deter the birds discretely and effectively using an anti-roost ‘pin and wire’ system.

Control flies

Fly control units will keep your workplace free of these pests. Units are available which are specifically designed to be used in commercial and industrial properties. You can rent them on a short-term basis or buy one outright if you will need it long-term. In order to let you concentrate on your business, supply and maintenance contracts are available so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Fly screens are also available to protect areas from these insects.

Attempting to control pests without the right knowledge, equipment and products can lead to your pest problem quickly getting worse and perhaps out of control. The key to managing pests is quick action to eliminate the infestation, along with ongoing work to secure property and prevent infestation.


Whosoever Knoweth the Power of the Dance, Dwelleth in God

Sacred Dance has nothing to do with a specific dance style or with particular body techniques. The dancer moves in a way that unities his or her Mind, Body and Spirit with a Higher Spiritual Energy. It is not of importance whether we call this energy “God”, “The Creator”, “The Great Spirit”, “Nature”, “The Cosmos” or anything else. What is important is that this results in the dancer feeling spiritually uplifted and filled with joy.

Dance is clearly one of the earliest forms of worship. Cave art from early prehistoric times onwards bears witness to the power of the dance. Such paintings and engravings occur worldwide. In the western part of Arnhem Land dancetokyotama in Australia a cave painting shows two men playing instruments to accompany the dance. A rock shelter at Cogul near Lenda in Catolonia, Spain portrays a group of nine women. They are wearing knee length skirts and are dancing round a small naked male figure. The State of Madhya Pradash in India has abundant rock art depicting dancers and musicians. The caves in Tassili Algeria have paintings of female dancers and the Etruscans in 500 BC depicted dancing in wall frescoes.

Certain dances mimic animals or are aimed to ensure that something happens. For example hunters in ancient times are shown in cave paintings dancing wearing animal skins and masks. We can safely assume that this was to ensure good hunting. Dances miming the gathering of the harvest must also be of ancient origin. As time has passed such dances have become folk dance rather than sacred dance.

Sacred Dance is often preceded by elaborate secret preparations such as bathing, avoidance of certain foods and drinks and from sexual intercourse. There may be periods of intense prayer and the taking of trance inducing substances.

One of the best documented European sacred dances is that connected to the cult of the Greek god Dionysus. The rituals in his honor included orgies, the sacrifice of animals, excessive wine-drinking and trance dancing which continued until the dancers collapsed with exhaustion.

Judaism had no problem with dance being connected to worship. Psalm 150 for example:- “Praise ye the Lord… Praise him with the timbrel and dance”. King David is said to have whirled before the Ark of the Covenant. In the Talmud dancing is described as being the principal function of angels.

Dance was part of the service in the early Christian church. It took place in the choir and was led by the bishop. Today there are Christian churches who are reintroducing dance sometimes in a very self-conscious style.

Sacred Dance can in itself be therapeutic.

The Shakers, who were an offshoot of the Quakers were brought to America from England in 1774 by Ann Lee. A vision had told her that sexual intercourse was the source of mankinds’s troubles. She established a closed community which practised self-sufficiency and communal ownership of all possessions. The Shakers had a deep understanding of the aesthetic of simplicity which showed itself in all aspects of their lives.

Shaker dances were held in the evening. Men and women entered the hall separately. They marched in on tip-toe and formed two rows facing each other about five feet apart.Men were on the right with the women on the left. The Chief Elder stood in the middle and gave a five minute address. He concluded by saying “Go forth, old men, young men and maidens and worship God with all your might in the dance”. Men and women did not intermingle. There were pauses to see if anyone had received “a gift”. Then two of the sisters would start whirling like tops with their eyes shut. They continued whirling for about 15 minutes when they stopped suddenly and sat down again.

There are no longer any viable Shaker communities and the dances have therefore died out. A certain number of their hymns, however, continue to be sung in various other churches.

An ancient Sacred Dance tradition continues to this day in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa. The Sufis (who represent the mystical side of Islam) have whirling dances. In Turkey the tradition traces back to Celaleddin Mevlana Rumi who died in 1273. His son organized his followers into the brotherhood of whirling dervishes now known as the Mevlevi.

When Ataturk gained political power in the early years of the twentieth century he abolished the dervish orders and turned the monasteries into museums. They were revived in 1957.

The significance of the dervish dance is connected to the sun, the moon and the revolving stars. The worshippers wear clothing which has symbolic meaning. The tall conical felt hats signify the tombstones and therefore the death of the dancers egos. The white robes represent the shrouds around their egos. The flowing black cloaks symbolize the dancers being trapped in worldly tombs.At the beginning of the ceremony the cloaks are removed to symbolize the worshippers deliverance from the cares and attachments of this world.

The dance is accompanied by a reed flute. After a series of rituals the worshippers reach a point where they are all simultaneously whirling with their right hands held palm up to receive the blessings of heaven. They hold their left hands palm down to transfer the blessings to earth.

Although non-participants are allowed to view the ceremony the dances remain true Sacred Dances for those taking part and for many of those watching. Dervish music should never be used for secular purposes, especially not to accompany oriental dance. The chants are prayers and should be respected as such.

Today Africa remains rich in the area of traditional Sacred Dance. The Yoruba of Western Nigeria have many traditions of deities dancing. Some are said to be able to dance on one leg. Sango (who is associated with thunder) consulted Orunmila (who is associated with divination and wisdom) as to how he could acquire permanent wealth. Orunmila’s advice was for Sango to acquire a splendid outfit onto which he should sew as many cuaris as he possibly could. Cauris were once used as currency and are thus a sign of wealth. People seeing Sango so splendidly dressed would assume that he was wealthy. Orunmila told Sango that he should dance around wearing this outfit. The outcome was that through dancing and asking for alms Sango became very rich. Sango priests carry axes when in company or on parade. Sango priests wear feminine hairstyles, beads around the neck and earrings on festive occasions. The dances for Sango are very fast and athletic. All the deities have their associated dances. To be unable to dance is to be unable to worship properly.

In Ghana I have seen young men dancing in trance and slashing at themselves with razor sharp cutlasses. The ferocious slashing never broke the skin or even left a mark. I have also witnessed Sacred Dances to the deities of the Thunder Pantheon. Here older female cult members wandered among the crowds making suggestive gestures with a wooden phallus. The performance was supposed to be amusing and it was. There were also conjurers on hand changing sand to powdered white chalk. Anyone could come and watch the dances if they showed the proper respect to the deity. This meant that both men and women had to be bareheaded. The men had to tie their cloths around the waist so that they were bare-chested and women had to tie their cloths under the armpits.

West African Sacred Dances tend to be danced outdoors often at night. The dancers come onto the circular dance area and leave it as they see fit. They may all be dancing the same steps but each dancer expresses them in his or her own way. Everyone dances as a group but has their own “space” within it. The dancer and the choreographer are one and the same person.

Africa stands in grave danger of losing its Sacred Dances due to the dwindling number of people adhering to the traditional religions. Only cult members may dance the Sacred Dances. Members of Christian churches and Followers of Islam have always not unsurprisingly been expressly forbidden to take part in any Sacred Dances and the number of converts is increasing. Some Christian churches allow a certain amount of drumming and dancing during services. Both the drumming and dancing have little “life force” or visual and aural interest. Musicians are beginning to create new genuinely african Sacred Songs for the church. If anyone knows of choreographers working to create authentic african contemporary Sacred Dance I would love to hear about it.

The cults need younger members. If they fail to materialize then the Sacred Dances will not evolve within their true context. The dances will either die out or become shadows of themselves as social dances danced by all and sundry simply for pleasure.

I have written very little indeed about the music which is of equal importance to the dance. The music is a subject in itself. If you are interested in African Rhythms I suggest that you try and get hold of “An Approach to African Rhythm” by Dr Seth Cudjoe published by the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Legon.

The Sacred Dances of Bali, Indonesia are a beautiful prayer made manifest. Wali are Sacred Dances indispensably connected with rituals of the same name. They take place on the first day of a ritual, in the inner courtyard of the temple.

Sanghyang Dedari and Sanghyang Jaran are both Sacred Dances. I witnessed Sanghyang Dedari in which two little girls danced in a trance mirroring each others movements. Their eyes were wide open but they were said to see nothing. At the conclusion of the dance they were brought out of trance by a white-clad priest who sprinkled holy water on them.

Sanghyang Jaran is a very spectacular dance in which A young man wears a belt attached to which is a horse’s head woven from coconut fronds. This young man was put into trance by a priest. He then ran prancing like a horse into a fire of coconut husks.After which he stood still for a while before jumping around Next he moved out of the fire and the burning husks were raked together before once again the young man danced into the fire. The third time he did this he actually sat in the embers and rolled around. At some crucial point, not identifiable to those watching, the young dancer was pulled clear and helped out of his trance.

The Balinese are devout Hindus and the Sacred Dance tradition is treasured, appreciated and is still very much a part of every ones lives.

Let us hope, that in the parts of the world where there is still genuine Sacred Dance it will not degenerate into a spectacle where we are aiming to influence an audience rather than the Spiritual World.


Fish Tank Care – How to Clean Algae

There many kinds of algae in aquariums, but the two main kinds are 1) brown algae and 2) green algae.

1) Brown algae This algae mainly consist of diatoms, a microscopic one-celled alga that has silica-filled cell walls or shells divided into two halves; single-celled microscopic algae. These grow and form a thin film on the decorations and the glass of the aquarium tank.

2) Green algae It is generally that cloudy green gunk in an aquarium. It is the result of having too much light and dissolved waste in the water or when the concentration of nutritional elements (mineral salts), particularly nitrogen, is too high, in strong light.

There are some ecological algaragedoorrepair methods to solving an algae problem. Try to regulate the factor aggravating the algae overgrowth by adjusting the amount of light. Too much light will cause green algae to grow at a greater rate. If a tank is too warm, algae will also grow. The warmth does not make for a dynamic aquarium. By changing the position of the tubes, or the addition of deflectors, to keep algae off the front of the tank, produces good results. In freshwater aquariums, you can make partial water changes, on a fairly regular basis, using water with a low hardness containing few mineral salts. Sometimes, and unfortunately, the multiplying of algae can be so extensive that the only option is to create a whole new aquarium from scratch.

There are also biological methods to combat algae growth. These can involve the use of plant-eating Fish such as the Plecostomus, “suckerfish”. This fish is an algae eateronly interested in certain types of algae. Also, use the Epalzeorhynchus against algae in fresh water: This algae eater is often called king of the algae eaters and is also known as the Siamese algae eater. Siamese algae eaters are not very demanding. Water should be clean and oxygenated, because they come from bright and fast-flowing streams. Siamese algae eaters eat the algae, including red algae. It is unusual to find a spread of red algae in an aquarium.They haven’t yet been bred in captivity, so all the specimens are caught from nature. It appears that the fish are seasonal and are not always available in shops. Minimum tank size for a pair of adult Siamese Algae Eaters is 100 liters (25 gallons). The aquarium should have lots of living plants.

There are chemical methods to kill algae. There are special products on the market designed to kill algae. As their effect has not been fully established, it is best to be cautious with the dosage, as these substances will probably affect other plants. For the same reasons, the use of copper sulfate is not recommended, as it is dangerous for invertebrates, those without a backbone. There is no miracle solution. The use of several techniques at the same time sometimes has the greatest results, but it is not at all uncommon to find that the algae reappear after a while. It is best to get used to partially removing them on a regular basis. Remember, to cut back on the light, do 10 percent water changes daily until the algae clears up and purchase algae eating fish such as Siamese algae eaters.

Lastly, there is the mechanical method of controlling algae. Algae can be removed by hand, by sliding the leaves of the plant between the thumb and index figure, by rolling slender strands of algae around a stick, or, with a scraper equipped with a razor blade and or a small scouring pad. Any rocks, sand, coral skeletons, branches, or roots contaminated by algae can be treated, outside the aquarium, in a 10% bleach solution, to which these algae are very sensitive. Any underwater equipment populated by algae (heating, pipes, diffuser, filter) can be treated in the same way. It is important to rinse and dry them thoroughly before putting them back into the tank. Sometimes, however, the increase of algae can be so extensive that once, again, the only option is to create a whole new aquarium system. It is best not to let it get to this level of thickness. Any algae are an eyesore in the home aquarium. Excess algae grow on the panes, reducing the visibility. They attach themselves to plants and multiply, with the ensuing risk of suffocating their hosts, as the plants are prevented from exchanging gases and absorbing the salts in the water. Finally, they coat themselves on the aquarium decor, which does nothing to enhance the visual beauty of the tank. In this case an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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